Shontoug Foundation, Incorporated is an indigenous development organization which began as the Good Shepherd Social Center accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development on February 23, 1968. In June 1972, GSSC was renamed as Shontoug Center upon its affiliation with Christian Children’s Fund. It focused on helping the poor children and youth of Baguio City.

In the late 1970′s, Shontoug’s support for emerging grassroots leadership led to the initiation of various community managed development projects and programs. The youth and their families were enabled to take over the operation and management of these initiatives.

A group of civic-mindd people, inspired the Religiuos of the Good Shepherd, decided to register the agency as a foundation with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 21, 1989.

Since then, Shontoug Foundation began reaching out to many marginalized villages of Benguet and Ifugao. Because of the depth of its experience in development work, the Foundation has evolved and implemented sustainable integrated development models which are wholisticc, gender-responsive and culture-sensitive.

Today, Shontoug is at the forefront of the promotion of indigenous development models for the cultural communities of the Cordillera region.