Cordillera Network of Development NGOs (CORDNET)

Cordillera Network of Development NGOs (CORDNET)

Close to 150 Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Peoples’ Organizations (POs) unified to form the Cordillera Network of NGOs and POs (CORDNET) in 1998 to harness the multi-ethnicity nature of the Cordillera Region. From then on, CORDNET has successfully infused a development paradigm that utilizes cultural diversity and eco-efficient production systems.

The shared vision of its 5 member-provincial networks, i.e. KAPPIA Network in Abra, Benguet Network, Ifugao Network, Mt. Province Network and Kalinga Network, keeps CORDNET a pro-active and culture-sensitive coalition. It has worked actively with other stakeholders towards the sustainable development of the Cordillera Region. CORDNET promotes crafting of development models that are suited to the unique and multicultural landscape of the Region. It has recently committed to contribute in the reshaping of social architecture of governing relationship through the piloting and testing of a model on Localized Anti-Poverty Project designed by CODE-NGO.


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