Localized Anti-Poverty Project through Participation of the Poor in Local Governance (LAPP)

The implementation of the Localized-Anti Poverty Project in Kapangan that cover five barangays of -Paykek, Pudong, Pongayan, Cayapes and Barangay Central have resulted to the enabling of the Barangay Poverty Reduction Action Team (BPRAT), and the Sitio-Based Poverty Reduction Action Team (SPRAT) to participate in local governance. This provided avenues for ordinary citizens to influence the decisions of local officials in budgetting and development planning. Moreover, the Municipal Poverty Reduction Action Team (MPRAT) composed of heads of line agencies in the municipality were mobilized to address poverty-related problems. And, the latest breakthrough was the promotion of multistakeholder partnership to address poverty composed of mandated government line agencies and academe such as the DTI, DOLE, DAR, Benguet State University (BSU) and other LGU line agencies. Through the NGO-GO partnership, DOLE funded five livelihood projects in Kapangan and the various government line agencies pledged their support in the reduction of poverty in the municipality.