Neighborhood Early Childhood Care and Development Program (NECCDP)

The NECCD Project is funded by Jollibee Foundation. The target period of partnership with the funding agency is three years and it will end by 2012. There are six NECCDP Centers being assisted which are located in the five barangays of Kapangan with a total of registered 121 preschool children: Paykek-29, Cayapes-11, Barangay Central -16, Pudong 37 and Pongayan 28. The activities undertaken by the project this year were to provide life-giving services such as Family-Life Education Sessions for the parents, Children’s Sports Fest, Capability-Building for the Day Care Workers for the entire municipality and establishment of partnership with the Municipal Social Welfare Office (MSWDO). Another is the influence of Shontoug to design a culture-based curriculum and production of visual aids which are made of locally available materials in the vicinity. Empowered members of two villages in Sagapa and Dagao were able to establish two Day Care Centers out of their Resource Mobilization Group.

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